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We Are Remigos

Started in 2021 by a group of students-turned-entrepreneurs, Remigos was founded with one purpose - making relocation a hassle-free, happy experience for students. 


We are a dedicated group of young individuals with experience in running financial services businesses and building tech solutions. We have one shared ambition: supporting our community by making moving internationally as simple as moving domestically.

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Meet The Team


Sarthak Doshi
Founder & CEO

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Prateek Rokadiya
Head of Tech

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Harshal Sanghvi
Lead Developer

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Our Belief

We believe we can transform the experience of relocating internationally, making it more accessible and fun!


As you start your journey towards fulfilling your dreams, we are here to remove all frictions in your way so that you save time, money and effort. We aspire to become a brand you love that supports you to achieve your dreams.

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We know how you feel...

Remigos started from a personal experience when Sarthak (our founder) and his friends struggled to find reliable information, advice and services while moving to the UK for education. Even after spending a lot of time and money, he still ended up without a house for 2 weeks.  


We don't want any student to struggle with getting a visa, finding accommodation, opening a bank account, getting health insurance, transferring money and saving money. We assure you: we can change this overwhelming experience to an exciting one! 

We are just like you!

We are real people, students just like you. working remotely from across the world to bring Remigos to you!!

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Join Our Team

If you empathize with the struggle of moving to another country and are passionate about making a positive impact on the world, we’d love to have you on our team.

Thanks for submitting!

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